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Get personal assistance on all matters related to firearms through my responsible firearm safety courses.
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Certified Instruction

All my students are taught important NRA™ certified material and lessons, including:
  • NRA™ Three Rules for Safe Gun Handling
  • Primary Causes of Firearm Accidents
  • Firearm Parts
  • How to Unload Certain Action Types 
  • Ammunition Components
  • Cleaning Care
  • Safe Storage of Firearms in the Home
  • Benefits of Active Participation in Shooting Sports
Most Popular Course

NRA Certified Home Firearm Safety Course

Meet Us at the Range or We Come to You
Cost: $100
Time: 4 Hours
This 4 hour non-shooting course for safe gun handling covers the NRA’s three rules for safe gun handling, primary causes of firearm accidents, firearm parts, how to load and unload different action types, ammunition components, cleaning, care and safe storage of firearms in the home and the benefits of becoming an active participant in the shooting sports. This course meets the training requirements and provides NRA and Massachusetts State Police Firearms Safety Certificates to apply for your License to Carry (LTC) or FID in Massachusetts. This course is offered in the comfort of your home or at the range.

Personal Range Time: Introduction to the Shooting Sport with a Certified NRA Instructor  

Cost: $75
Time: Per Hour
If you are new to shooting or unsure of which firearm is appropriate for your personal situation, this gives you the opportunity to utilize and shoot a semi-automatic handgun, a revolver, an AR-15, and a shotgun. Ammunition is provided at an additional cost.
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NRA Certified Basic Pistol Shooting Course

Cost: $100
Time: 8 Hours
This 8 hour course introduces students to the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a handgun safely. This course focuses on semi-automatic handguns and revolvers.

This course meets the training requirements and provides NRA and Massachusetts State Police Firearms Safety Certificates to apply for your License to Carry (LTC) or FID in Massachusetts.
Students will have hands on instruction in:
  • Handgun parts
  • Operation
  • Ammunition
  • Safety
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • And live firing
*This course is only offered at the range.
Non Massachusetts License Classes

Utah Non-resident CCW Class

Cost: $100
Time: 4 Hours
Get a license to carry a firearm in 31+ states. Our Utah CCW Class will qualify you to receive a Utah nonresident firearms license. You can also use this class to apply for Florida and Maine Non Resident licenses. Florida law requires live fire be included in the class. We include live fire shooting no additional charge.
During the class you'll get everything you need to complete your application at no additional charge such as:
  • Photograph
  • Fingerprints
  • Copy of your driver’s license
  • And mailing envelope
*Massachusetts residents do not need a firearms license to qualify for this permit.
This license will enable you to carry a concealed handgun in the following states:

Connecticut License to Carry Class

Cost: $100
Time: Hours
This is a 4 hour class. This live fire class is required by the state of Connecticut for a resident or nonresident concealed carry permit. 

This class includes classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. This class will provide information about the Connecticut licensing process as well as an introduction to Connecticut firearms law.

The class includes the application, fingerprints, notarized signature and photo needed to apply for your Connecticut permit.

Course 1 of 2: Defensive Handgun Training

Cost: $150
Time: 8 Hours
Defensive Handgun I is a skills based course designed to teach the shooter the fundamentals of defensive pistol marksmanship. Instructors utilize discovered learning teaching methods to assist the student in learning what techniques and methods are more or less effective than others, ultimately leading to the most effective technique for that student. 

This is a performance based course utilizing a standard of accuracy as a performance indicator. Skill building exercises are utilized to teach and reinforce techniques as well as add a competitive element to the class which is enjoyed by all. The class is tailored to individual shooters, leaving no one behind. Round count needed 350 minimum. 

Course 2 of 2: Defensive Handgun Training

Cost: $200
Time: 8 Hours
The next step in the progression, getting you off of the “X” and moving through a 360 degree environment. The class is focused on moving, communicating, and dealing with simulated stress. Here is where we begin to develop thinkers before shooters and push our clients past their perceived limitations. 

Speed is a byproduct of efficiency, and we will make you more efficient in your manipulations by the class’ end. 400 rounds, must complete Defensive Handgun I Course.

Course 1 of 2: Carbine Training

Cost: $150
Time: 8 Hours
Carbine 1 is our foundation CTP Course designed to teach the basics of rifle marksmanship, modern manual of arms, distance marksmanship, malfunction recognition and remediation, and much more. This class is a must take for anyone who owns an AR15 and may deploy it in a home defense situation, or operationally as a LEO or member of our Armed Services. 350 rounds. 8 Hour class.

Course 2 of 2: Carbine Training

Cost: $200
Time: 8 Hours
Carbine 2 focuses on movement, team tactics, and use of cover/concealment. This class is designed to push your current skill set to the next level, helping you become one with your chosen weapon system. This class is heavy on skill building exercises designed to challenge your abilities while working on improving specific techniques. 500 rounds, must complete Carbine 1 Course.

Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED Course

Cost: $75
Time: 8 Hours
The Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED course teaches how to recognize and treat sudden illness and injury in Adults, Children, and Infants; how to provide CPR; and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator. This course provides the personalization of an instructor led Heartsaver CPR/AED program in a comfortable and relaxed setting. 

It is specifically designed for those who have a duty to respond to an emergency because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements. It is also appropriate for members of the community who want to be prepared in the event of a cardiac emergency or serious life threatening emergency.
Also included is a more in-depth discussion of violent injuries and tourniquet application. Successful completion of this course results in an American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED certification card which is valid for 2 years from the date of the course. The student manuals are an additional $19.95/copy.

Massachusetts Gun Law Seminars

A prominent Massachusetts Attorney is proud to offer two separate and equally important learning seminars regarding Massachusetts Firearm Laws

Massachusetts Law: Beyond the Basics

Cost: $100
Time: Hours
Beyond the Basics is a 4 hour seminar that will take you beyond what you learned in your basic class, giving you the information you need to stay out of trouble in the Commonwealth. Learn how the law is applied in Massachusetts concerning such matters as:
  • Which Places You Cannot Go to with a Firearm
  • How to Store Your Firearm without Going to Jail
  • What Happens If Your Concealed Firearm Becomes Visible to Others
  • Which Mistakes Will Cause You to Lose Your License
  • What Most People Do Not Understand about the Massachusetts Assault Weapons Ban & Why They Risk Going to Jail
  • Understanding the Basics of Self-Defense Law in Massachusetts
hand gun

Massachusetts Law: Self-Defense Law Seminar

Cost: $150
Time: Hours
Self-Defense Law is a 4 hour seminar that will provide an in-depth explanation of the legal considerations before and after a self-defense shooting in Massachusetts.
  • What Is Threat Assessment from a Legal Perspective?
  • What Is "The Castle Doctrine" in Massachusetts?
  • How to deal with the police and investigators
  • Real case examples from self-defense case law
  • What Are Statutory Allowances & Exclusions Regarding Evidence of Self-Defense?
  • How Do Shooters’ & Aggressors’ Actions Factor into Their Defense?
  • Making sense and understanding the courtroom and legal process
Contact me and protect yourself by knowing everything related to concealed carry in Massachusetts.
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