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When Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the forty-fifth president of the United States of America, his detractors claimed his presidency would be a disaster. 

In the hundred days that followed, they insisted he was making no progress toward his promise to make America great again. They were wrong, and with President Donald J. Trump: "Tough Love" as a reference guide, you can prove it. 
Author Paul Young provides a day-by-day account of the president's actions throughout the crucial first hundred days of his presidency. 

Each day's events are documented, allowing readers to easily see how the president has worked ceaselessly to keep his campaign promises to the American people. 

Discover the truth behind President Trump's eventful first days in office--and silence the naysayers with facts.

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Bring education and protection to your home with my Certified Firearms Classes and Educational Seminars. All my Certified Courses and Educational Seminars provide you with the education, training and protection you need to be a responsible law abiding firearms owner. I also improve my service by teaching the secure and responsible use of carrying a concealed firearm.
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The mission statement of Rather Be Shooting is to promote the protection of your Second Amendment right, and to provide quality classes to obtain your LTC or FID and training classes and seminars to instruct in the proper use, handling, and safe storage of firearms.
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Receive quality Certified Firearms Training and Educational Seminars to master your training needs, obtain knowledge and protect your Second Amendment Rights.
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All shooting and range time will be at our Affiliated Gun Range located on 1 McGill Lane, Milford, Massachusetts 01757. 
Over 8 Years of Firearms Safety Experience
Certified NRA™ Home Firearm Safety Instructor
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Certified NRA™ Range Safety Officer
Certified NRA™ Rifle Coach (L1)
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Contact me in Milford, Massachusetts, and attend my gun safety class to obtain your LTC or FID.
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